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  • About Us: How CLMBR Got Started


    Director of Training and Education, Christa Dellebovi, is at the CLMBR Headquarters in Denver giving you a behind the scenes look at how CLMBR came to life.



    CLMBR was designed in Denver, Colorado. We manufacture our products in partnership with a factory in Taiwan to ensure they meet our expectations. We’re confident in its consistency, high-quality work, and good working conditions. Final assembly and quality checks of CLMBR happens here in the USA.

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  • How is CLMBR different from other vertical climbers?

    Vertical climbing is not new. Over the years, there have been countless iterations of the climbing machine, but until now, there have been minimal physical and technological improvements. CLMBR is the first climbing machine to completely rethink not only the design but also the user experience. 


    It Has an Open Design and Unobstructed Visibility 
    Existing climbing machines all utilize the outdated and ineffective monopole design, which blocks the user’s view, creates a claustrophobic experience, and interferes with correct body alignment. CLMBR has eliminated these problems by creating a revolutionary open central design that encourages proper form and allows a comfortable climb with unobstructed visibility.


    Chauncey Billups, a retired American professional basketball player and CLMBR Ambassador, said, “the biggest thing that attracted me to CLMBR is actually the biggest thing I don't like about doing other vertical climbing classes. It’s the big hole in the mount. CLMBR’s design is really attractive. It's very sleek, and I can actually look at something that I want to look at in front of me, and that's either a screen or it's just an open area. I just feel free and open. So that, to me, is the biggest thing that I love about CLMBR.” 


    It’s Durable and Low Maintenance
    CLMBR’s durability and minimal maintenance requirements set it apart from the other leading climbing machine brands. While other vertical climbing machines use a chain that requires frequent greasing and maintenance, CLMBR is built with high-performance Kevlar ® reinforced belts that need minimal upkeep.


    Critical parts are easily accessible, making it easy to perform preventative maintenance and eliminates the need to reassemble the machine if repairs do become necessary. This significantly reduces the long-term costs associated with CLMBR. 


    It’s Versatile and Mobile
    When thinking about what makes a versatile piece of exercise equipment, mobility is key. Other climbing machines are usually bolted into the ground, making installation and mobility challenging. With CLMBR’s built in wheels and light frame, no bolts are needed. These features allow one person to easily move the machine across a room. This mobility makes CLMBR a great choice for at-home use, a crossfit gym, a climbing studio, and more. 


    It Has an Innovative and Engaging User Experience 
    CLMBR’s most differentiating feature is its user experience and technological advancements. The interface of existing climbing machine’s is outdated and static. CLMBR has created a user experience that is unlike anything on the market.


    Our CLMBR Connected membership gives users access to hundreds of recorded classes, creating a fun and motivating environment. You can do workouts with your favorite instructor without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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  • Where can I try CLMBR?


    Visit a b8ta store, Showfields, or one of our partner locations to explore a CLMBR machine and OnDemand classes in person. To find the a demo location near you, please click here.

    If you're interested in trying a live class, check out Studio CLMBR in Denver, Colorado!


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  • Top 7 Reasons Why Vertical Climbing is the Best Full-Body Cardio Exercise


    1) It is the most efficient cardio workout 

    For a lot of people, cardio is the least fun part of their exercise routine, and it can be difficult to muster up the energy and motivation to dedicate a full hour to it. That’s where vertical climbing comes in. Vertical climbing delivers an effective full-body workout in only 30 minutes and elicits a higher VO2 max than other cardio machines.Vertical climbing provides an effective combination of cardio and strength training, allowing the body to continue burning fat and calories for many hours after the workout. Vertical climbing is the most efficient and effective full-body cardio workout on the market. 


    2) It’s safe and low-impact

    When purchasing a piece of fitness equipment, it’s important to think about how it will impact your joints, muscles, and tendons long-term. Many cardio machines are high-impact and can have serious long-term consequences on your body. Chauncey Billups, a retired American professional basketball player and CLMBR Ambassador, said “you can get a heck of a workout without putting a lot of stress on your body and on your tendons and ligaments.” Vertical climbing allows for a natural, athletic position and ergonomic spinal alignment, and it is low-impact and accessible for all fitness levels. The design helps to reinforce good posture and strengthen the core to help combat slouching. Vertical climbing allows you to reach your fitness goals without compromising long-term health.


    3) Vertical climbing burns more calories than spinning, rowing, and running  

    Vertical climbing burns more calories per minute than a spin bike, treadmill, erg rower, elliptical, or stair stepper. With a 61% more efficient calorie burn, a quick 30-minute workout on a vertical climber is more than enough. Studies have shown that climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 800 calories in a 30 min session while a spin bike only burns 13.3 calories per minute and a stair stepper burns 7.45 calories per minute. Vertical climbing is the clear choice for the most efficient calorie burn. 

    4) You only need 30 minutes & it’s fun 

    Cardio can be repetitive and boring. After 10 minutes on the treadmill, it’s easy for the mind to wander. Vertical climbing leaves no room for a wandering mind. Its fast paced and engaging design keeps the user motivated and entertained throughout the entire workout. What’s even better is you only need 30 minutes. With a higher VO2 max output and more calories burned, 30 minutes is more than enough to get a well-rounded and intense workout. 


    5) It’s cardio and strength training

    Climbing allows the user to build incredible cardiovascular endurance while also strengthening all major muscle groups. By just adding resistance, you can tone your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs. Billups, a CLMBR ambassador said “To me, [vertical climbing] doesn't get the credit that it deserves for building strength in your legs and in your core area, two things that you really, really need pretty much for any sport.” The good thing about climbing is you can skip the treadmill and the squat rack because vertical climbing will do it both. 


    5) It’s full-body

    The problem with many workout machines is that they only focus on one muscle group. Popular cardio machines like bikes and treadmills focus almost exclusively on the lower body. Vertical climbing, on the other hand, is a full-body exercise. Your legs, glutes, arms, and core are engaged throughout the entire workout. Arm and leg day just got combined into one. 


    6) It’s great cross training 

    Vertical climbing is the best compliment to any sport or fitness modality. Integrating climbing into your strength and resistance program will add a new level of intensity and efficiency. It is the perfect addition to yoga, pilates, bootcamp, barre, and floor routines. Climbing is also an effective way to cross train. No matter if you are a professional athlete or a casual runner, you will see a difference in your performance after integrating climbing into your fitness practice. 

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  • Why Vertical Climbing is the best option for at-home connected fitness


    1) A Full-Body Workout in Only 30 Minutes 

    CLMBR is a one-stop-shop for at-home connected fitness; its innovative design allows the user to burn calories while also strengthening all major muscle groups. Vertical climbing is designed to provide an efficient full-body workout in only 30 minutes. You will burn more calories per minute than on a spin bike, treadmill, erg rower, elliptical, or stair stepper. 


    2) Burn More Calories in One Session

    Studies have shown that vertical climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 670 calories in a 30 min session while a spin bike only burns 13.3 calories per minute and a stair stepper only burns 7.45 calories per minute. Climbing is proven to elicit a higher VO2 max than other cardio machines, and because of the combination of cardio and strength training that CLMBR provides, the body will continue burning fat and calories for many hours after the workout. 


    3) Low-Impact & Safe

    Vertical climbing optimizes the body’s most primal cross-crawl movement, making proper form intuitive and easy to maintain, all while being incredibly effective and safe. The machine’s upright position encourages good posture, and it also makes it a safe and effective option for users who struggle with joint and back issues. Vertical climbing is low impact, safe, and accessible for all fitness levels, making it a perfect addition to your at-home fitness routine. Furthermore, CLMBR’s compact footprint (35” x 32”) allows an at-home user to add it to any space whether that be a bedroom, basement, or workout space.  


    4) Engaging User Experience

    Working out from home can make it hard to stay motivated. CLMBR’s interactive platform with on-demand classes and climbing challenges keeps users engaged and provides a fun and challenging environment for every workout. World-class climbing instructors will help to keep users accountable and engaged, and statistics, personal records, and metrics help to track progress. CLMBR brings the feel, sound, and intensity of an in-studio climbing class to your own living room.

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  • What are the benefits of the CLMBR workout?


    Low Impact. Max Output. Full Body Workout. All Fitness Levels Welcome.


    Vertical climbing is easy on the joints and allows for life-long use without negative consequences. Your feet stay planted, it eliminates any pounding on your joints and prevents erratic movement that could cause injury. All while providing extensive fitness benefits and neurological stimulation. 


    Superior Cardio + Strength

    The combination of cardio and strength training that CLMBR provides, allows the body to achieve higher output in less time. Vertical climbing tones your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs while also providing a calorie blasting cardio workout. Leg and arm day just became one.


    Higher V02 Max

    The maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise, has been shown to be significantly greater during climbing. Studies have also shown that heart rate is higher while vertical climbing due to the enhanced blood flow and perfusion of arm muscles held overhead against the force of gravity during climbing exercise.


    Continued Caloric Burn

    Studies have shown that vertical climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 800 calories in a 30 min session Due to the push of higher VO2 max, this level of output allows the body to continue burning fat and calories for hours after the workout.

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  • What classes are available through the CLMBR Connected Membership?



    Our CLMBR Connected Membership brings the feel, sound, and intensity of an in-studio climbing class to your own living room. With a variety of class formats and the versatility of the machine, CLMBR is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. CLMBR offers rhythm climbs, and interval climbs as well as bootcamp classes.

    Rhythm Based Classes 

    Music is an important part of the CLMBR experience. CLMBR’s rhythm-based classes are taught to the beat of the music, making it easier to get lost in the moment  and challenging you to reach higher. Some rhythm based classes focus on metrics, like tempo, reach, and total vertical feet climbed, while others turn the numbers off and focus on the feeling of your body and the beat of the music. Rhythm based classes are great for people who want the beat to guide them through the workout. 


    Interval Based Classes 

    Interval-based climbs are time and music-based classes with programmed periods of work and recovery. You may have a 30 second sprint followed by 15 seconds of recovery, allowing you to go all out and push your body in ways you may not in an endurance class. With interval classes, you'll improve your aerobic capacity, get a killer calorie burn, and increase speed and endurance. 


    Bootcamp Classes

    Bootcamp classes add important variety to your workout routine. In these classes, you will be on and off the CLMBR, integrating floor work for strength training and climbing for cardiovascular health. Classes will include Climb + Core, Climb + Upper Body, Climb + Lower Body, and Climb + Full Body. Floor work may be done with body weight or equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, or Bala rings. 


    Class Times & Level of Difficulty

    CLMBR’s Connected Membership classes offer a variety of class lengths and levels of difficulty. Classes range from a quick 5 minute climb all the way up to a 45 minute advanced climb and have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. CLMBR has options for all fitness levels and schedules!


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  • How much does the CLMBR Connected Membership cost?

    For $39.99 per month (less than $1.50 per day), the CLMBR membership includes a rich and growing on-demand library of climbing classes. It also includes climbing challenges and feature updates.


    At launch, the CLMBR membership will only include climbing content. With our ever growing content of classes and programs, we hope to develop our platform beyond climbing to help our community reach for greatness.




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  • How do I set up my CLMBR Connected Membership?


    We can’t wait to climb with you and know that you’re going to love what our CLMBR Guides have created for you!

    Here’s what you need to know to activate your CLMBR Connected membership: 

    1. Download the CLMBR Mobile App and create your CLMBR Profile 

    Your CLMBR profile is the core aspect of the CLMBR experience and where you track your workouts, browse OnDemand classes and more. For the best set up experience, download the CLMBR mobile app from the App or Google Play store and create your CLMBR profile before your CLMBR is delivered.

    1. Link your CLMBR Profile to your CLMBR 

    After your CLMBR has been delivered and assembled, you’ll need to launch the CLMBR mobile app and link your CLMBR profile to your machine. The CLMBR mobile app will provide you with a six-digit code that you then enter on your CLMBR touchscreen to finalize setup and enter the CLMBR Connected Membership setup flow. 

    1. Activate your CLMBR Connected Membership on your CLMBR

    After you connect your CLMBR profile to your machine, follow the membership prompt on your CLMBR’s touchscreen to activate your CLMBR Connected Membership. The prompt will ask you to join CLMBR’s all access membership and add a credit card to set up your account. 


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  • How to Set Up Multiple CLMBR Connected Membership Users


    One of the many benefits of the CLMBR Connected Membership is that up to four users have access to our class library through one monthly subscription. 

    See below to get your household's CLMBR Connected Membership set up for multiple users:

    • Step 1: Each user must set up their profile using the CLMBR Mobile App. Learn more here.

    • Step 2: Once all users have a profile through the CLMBR Mobile App, connect the profiles to your CLMBR through the steps below:

        • On the CLMBR machine touchscreen, click on the "+" to add the profiles 

        • The CLMBR mobile app will provide a six-digit code to connect the profile to the machine and activate the subscription

        • Users will then see their CLMBR profile on the home screen

    • Step 3: Get climbing! Select your profile photo from the home screen and select a class 

    Note: As long as one membership is logged into the machine with a paid subscription, up to four users will have access to the class library.

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  • CLMBR Mobile App

    We're excited to announce that the beta version of the CLMBR mobile app for iOS and Android has launched in the Apple and Google Play Stores. 


    A core aspect of the CLMBR experience, take a first look at OnDemand class formats being planned by our talented team of Guides, browse climbing challenges and get a feel for the CLMBR ecosystem.


    The CLMBR mobile app allows you to stay connected to your CLMBR from anywhere! Push notifications about your progress will keep you motivated and notify you when new classes and challenges are published. You'll be able to browse the on-demand class library and choose which classes you would like to add to your on-machine playlist.



    What You Need to Know


    CLMBR + the CLMBR Mobile App: Your CLMBR machine is linked to the CLMBR mobile app through your CLMBR profile. The first step to getting moving is creating your CLMBR profile within the CLMBR mobile app so you can personalize and maximize your content experience.



    Set up your CLMBR profile now: Your CLMBR profile is where you track your progress, connect with friends, swipe through your earned badges and more. Create your CLMBR profile on the mobile app now so you’re ready to get climbing. Note that you’ll need to link your profile to your CLMBR when it’s delivered to finalize the machine set up and activate your on-demand subscription.





    Let us know what you think: As our founding members, you’re getting first access to the mobile app and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please send any thoughts or questions to our team here.


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  • CLMBR Promotions

    Please see below for terms and conditions that commonly apply to promotions on CLMBR, including those that require a promotional code as part of the offer:

    • This is a limited time offer. 
    • Offer may not be combined with other offers or discount codes. 
    • Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases. 
    • Each promotional code applies only to qualifying items or packages.
    • The promotion applies only to items purchased in a single order and shipped to a single address. 
    • Offer is non-transferrable and may not be resold; it has no cash value. 
    • Shipping charges and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted and free promotional items.
    • If any of the products or content related to an offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or item, subject to applicable refund policies. See Also: CLMBR Return Policy
    • CLMBR reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. If you received the promotional code (directly or indirectly) from a third party, that third party also reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. 
    • Offer only good while supply last.
    • If you violate any of the offer terms, the offer will be invalid

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  • Payment Methods


    We accept all major credit cards for full payment through our online store.


    Payment Plan options are available through Affirm financing.  Make easy monthly payments over 12, 24, or 36 months.

    Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit. Rates are between 0–30% APR. A down payment may be required. Subject to eligibility check and approval. Payment options depend on your purchase amount. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Actual terms may vary. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Visit for more info.

    For specific questions regarding financing or if you have issues with your Affirm account, please email Affirm directly at or call (855) 423-3729.


    We are actively researching more payment options for our customers. Our goal is to have multiple payment options in the near future. 

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  • Can I purchase a CLMBR if I live outside of the USA?


    CLMBR plans to expand internationally in the near future. To help us determine where we should take CLMBR next, add your country to our waitlist below. We will reach out to you once we have more details on International shipment.



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  • Where can I purchase machine accessories?

    One of the many benefits of CLMBR is our on and off machine workouts available through our OnDemand platform. Burn out your muscles in our bootcamp classes and climb with Bala Bangles to intensify your workout.  We recommend a variety of products to maximize your CLMBR experience. You can purchase recommended accessories like resistance bands, Bala Bangles and more here.









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  • CLMBR Return Policy

    If you are not satisfied with your CLMBR machine, you can request a return within thirty (30) days after your delivery. CLMBR’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents subject to the terms of our Limited Warranty.


    Because of the size and weight of our fitness products, returns will be charged a $350 reverse logistics return fee.

    We recommend keeping your box for 30 days after your CLMBR delivery as it will expedite the process should you decide to return your machine.

    If your CLMBR is returned in damaged condition, with missing parts, or otherwise has signs of abuse, CLMBR reserves the right to refuse a refund or to charge additional restocking fees, at CLMBR’s discretion. You may be charged a restocking fee.



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  • Returning Accessories

    The following merchandise may not be returned or exchanged if they have been worn, used, or purchased marked down/sale item:

    • Water Bottles
    • In-Ear Headphones
    • Heart Rate Monitors

    All other returns must be made within 30 days of purchase and must be shipped with the original packaging. CLMBR is not responsible for return shipping cost, packaging or packages lost in transit without proof of tracking. Refunds for purchases will be credited back to the original payment method only.

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  • White Glove Delivery and Installation




    What is the White Glove assembly experience?

    Our White Glove delivery and installation includes delivery and installation to your home and placement of the CLMBR in your room of choice. Certain conditions apply


    What to expect the day of delivery and installation:

    • An adult 18 years or older must be present to receive your delivery
    • Your CLMBR will be delivered in one 200 pound box with the following dimensions:
      92in L x 23.5in W x 16in H.
    • Ensure that your hallways, entryways, staircases and outdoor delivery routes are wide enough for your CLMBR box to be carried safely to your room of choice.
    • We recommend roughly 16 inches tall x 24 inches wide and 92 inches in length and suggest measuring your home prior to delivery.
    • All technicians will be professional, courteous and will be respectful in your home. 
    • You will be asked where you would like your CLMBR installed. 
    • The assembly may take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.
    • Your technician will make sure that your CLMBR hardware is properly assembled, stabilized, and powered on before leaving
    • Covid safety and protocol are enforced to current local government standards. Masks are required by the delivery team.






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  • How To Prepare For Your CLMBR Delivery




    We can't wait to climb with you!

    Follow the steps below to prepare for your delivery and ensure a smooth experience. 

    1) Download the CLMBR Mobile App and Create Your CLMBR Profile

    Your CLMBR profile is the core aspect of the CLMBR experience and where you track your workouts, connect with friends, browse your earned badges and more. To ensure quick setup on your delivery date, download the CLMBR mobile app from the App or Google Play store and create your CLMBR profile in advance. 

    After your CLMBR has been delivered and assembled, you’ll need to link your CLMBR profile to your machine to enter the CLMBR ecosystem. The CLMBR mobile app will provide you with a six-digit code that you then enter on your CLMBR touchscreen to finalize, set up and access free climb or OnDemand content. 

    Those without a smartphone have the option to create a profile directly on the machine but the mobile app is our recommended experience for easy setup.

    2) Determine Where You Would Like To Place Your CLMBR And Prep Your Space 

    Take some time to thoughtfully plan out a location in your home. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your CLMBR so make sure the space that you select is easy to access and motivates you to reach higher!


    After selecting a space for your CLMBR, verify the following measurements prior to delivery:

    • Ceiling height: At least 90 inches tall so there is room between your CLMBR and the ceiling.
    • Floor space: Minimum of 34 x 33 inches for the base and clearance of at least 48 inches behind the machine for upright lift after assembly. 
    • Hallway and entryway space: Your CLMBR comes in one box and will be assembled at your home. Ensure that your hallways, entryways, staircases and outdoor delivery routes are wide enough so the box can be carried safely to your space. We recommend roughly 16 inches tall x 24 inches wide and 92 inches in length. 
    • Space for CLMBR assembly: Keep in mind that your machine is assembled at your home and ensure that there is an 8’ x 6’ clear space to allow for the set up of your CLMBR. This space will allow enough room for two people to stand on either side of the machine during assembly. 

    Additional tips to ensure smooth assembly and use: 

    • Place your CLMBR near or close to your WiFi router for the best streaming experience and test your WiFi connectivity before delivery. 
    • Do not use extension cords or adapters. The included 3 meter power cord must be able to reach an outlet.
    • Put a mat underneath your CLMBR to protect your floor and minimize sound. Made of extra-tough material and sized to fit into any room of your home, the CLMBR mat from Supermats effectively protects your carpets as well as floors from sweat. Trust us, you’ll want one!



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  • Shipping Terms (September 2021)


    CLMBR is available for shipment within the continental United States. CLMBR is not currently available in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other US territories. Note that we only support delivery to physical addresses:

      • We are unable to delivery to PO Box, APO/FPO addresses or freight forwarders. You will not be able to pick up the CLMBR from our warehouse.   

    Hawaii + Alaska Update (September 2021)

    Delivery of CLMBRs to Hawaii and Alaska are no longer available due to recent logistics and service challenges.

    Our team is actively working to make CLMBR available in Hawaii or Alaska as soon as possible. If you’d like to be notified when CLMBR is shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, sign up for our waitlist here and you'll be notified and updated on our progress. We look forward to climbing with you in the future!

    Who do I contact if I need to update my delivery address?

    If you need to change your address please reach out to the customer care team here

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Set Up


  • How to adjust the volume on your CLMBR

    One of the many benefits of CLMBR is the immersive experience. There are two ways to adjust the volume on your CLMBR to your preference.

    1) Volume button on the side of the touchscreen
    See visual reference below. 

    2) Volume button on the screen, within the CLMBR software ecosystem 



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  • How to Prepare For Your First Climb


    Vertical climbing is unlike any other cardio exercises. Full body, low impact and efficient, follow the steps below to crush your first climb!

    1) Hydrate

    Remember to drink lots of water before, during, and after your CLMBR class. Our high-energy sessions will get you sweating, so water will be crucial during and after your workout.

    2) Fuel Up 

    Try and eat a high carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low-fat snack or meal 30 minutes before climbing. It is important to nourish your body properly before a workout to ensure you will have enough energy and stamina to crush your class. 

    3) Get in Gear

    Make sure to wear closed-toed sneakers while climbing. No special climbing shoes are required. Breathable and comfortable athletic clothing is recommended. 

    4) Easy does it

    It can take some time for climbing to feel intuitive, and it is completely normal to feel mentally and physically exhausted after your first class. It takes practice to get the hang of the lingo, sequences, and physical exertion.

    Be sure to pace yourself and take breaks when you need them. It's also important to make sure that you're keeping a loose grip on the handlebars and taking a second to move your feet. This will help avoid any numbness that may occur in hands and feet while your body adjust to vertical climbing.

    5) Start Small

    CLMBR combines cardio conditioning with strength training, which is why it’s important to start small and work your way up to more challenging climbs. Start with a short intro class and increase the duration and challenge of your climbs as you go on in order to get your body adjusted to the exercise. 

    6) Familiarize Yourself with the Machine

    Before taking a class, make sure to get comfortable with the machine. Read our blog post “How to Adjust CLMBR to your Body” and “How to Maintain Good Form While Climbing.” These articles will help you set up your machine properly and outline ways to maintain proper form on the CLMBR. 

    We also recommend making sure that your CLMBR has plenty of surrounding space. Keep pets and children away from the CLMBR while you're actively using the machine and working out. 

    7) Get Carried Away

    With CLMBR’s engaging and energetic content, it is easy to get lost in the moment. Whether it’s the fun music or the motivating instructors, CLMBR classes will keep you engaged the whole time. 

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  • How To Maintain Proper Form While Climbing

    Maintaining proper form while climbing is extremely important in order to keep your muscles and joints safe and to prevent strain. Although good form is intuitive on the CLMBR, it’s still important to be actively thinking about good body position, especially when you become fatigued. 


    Upper Body

    In order to protect your back and neck, make sure that your spine is at a 75 degree angle and your torso is parallel to the uprights. Spinal alignment should be kept in a neutral position, and your chest should remain open with your shoulders pinched down and back to avoid hunching and to reinforce good posture. 


    Your spine and torso should remain as still as possible and avoid shifting and swaying through the hips. Less movement in the torso will activate your abdominals, helping to strengthen the core and protect your lower back from potential injury. 


    Lower Body

    Your feet should be placed in the center of the pedal and secured with the footstrap. Knees should remain in line with the ankles. When the knees shift past the toes, it can cause pressure on the joints and tendons. Your lower body should remain in a squat position, sitting back into your glutes and quads. Ensure there is no rounding or arching of the back. The deeper you sit back into the squat, the more muscle activation you will feel. 



    A light grip on the handlebars should be maintained throughout the entire workout. Squeezing the handlebars too tight can result in tension in the hands, neck, and shoulders. Keep the wrists long and relaxed. 


    Correct handlebar position is vital to proper form on the CLMBR. In order to adjust the handlebars to your height, place both feet on the pedals and stand up straight, leveling your feet out with one another. Grab the handles to stabilize yourself and take a look at the ten vertical handlebar settings (1-10) on the left and right uprights of your CLMBR.

    The handlebars move up or down and should be adjusted to shoulder height or slightly below for the most comfortable climb. 


    To move the handle bars up or down, pull the lever and slide the handle bars to your desired height. Push the lever down to secure the setting. Correct handlebar positioning ensures you are getting proper range of motion and maintaining good form.

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  • How To Adjust And Get Moving On Your CLMBR


    Are you ready to take your first climb? One of the great things about CLMBR is that it’s easy to set up with minimal adjustments needed.


    Watch our demo video or follow the steps below!



    1) Adjust the handlebars to your shoulders 

    In order to adjust the handlebars to your height, place both feet on the pedals and stand up straight, leveling your feet out with one another. Grab the handles to stabilize yourself and take a look at the ten vertical handlebar settings (1-10) on the left and right uprights of your CLMBR.


    The handlebars move up or down and should be adjusted to shoulder height or slightly below for the most comfortable climb. 


    To move the handle bars up or down, pull the lever and slide the handle bars to your desired height. Push the lever down to secure the setting. Correct handlebar positioning ensures you are getting proper range of motion and maintaining good form. 


    2) Secure the foot straps

    Foot straps are optional but increase security and stability on your CLMBR. Should you choose to use them, place your foot onto the middle of the pedal and secure the strap across the widest part of your shoe.


    Adjust the strap so you can fit one or two fingers in between the strap and your shoe to maintain blood flow - the footstrap should never be completely flush or tight against your foot. 


    3) Test your adjustment and climb

    Once the handlebars are adjusted to your height and you’re strapped in, it’s time to test your setup and form on your CLMBR.


    Sit back into your glutes and ensure that your upper body and spine are at a 75 degree angle in line with the machine. Move both your arms and legs in a cross crawl motion. While you climb, keep your torso and shins parallel with the vertical uprights of the machine and minimize swaying through the body.


    Your spine and torso should remain as neutral as possible and keep your abdominals engaged to protect your lower back. Hold the handles lightly, keep your wrists long and ensure that you can fully extend your arms while keeping your elbows relaxed. 


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  • Bluetooth Compatibility

    The CLMBR is bluetooth compatible and users are able to connect with their wireless headphones and heart rate monitors. The machine pairs with most headphones and heart rate monitors, with the exception of Apple and Fitbit devices. The CLMBR screen will only be able to stream CLMBR content and classes, additional streaming services are not yet compatible. CLMBR is not able to receive audio from any external music source. 

    Please check back in for updates on new compatibility options offered in the future.



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  • CLMBR Standard Warranty


    All CLMBRs are covered under 1-year comprehensive warranty after the date of delivery for any manufacturing defects in material or workmanship. 

    CLMBR Standard Warranty applies only against defects discovered within the 1-year period. The 1-year warranty coverage remains with the machine and is verified by the machine's serial number. Proof of original purchase is required to validate the coverage period. 

    All warranty and service must be reviewed, diagnosed and approved by a member of the CLMBR Customer Care team.

    This Warranty Covers:

    • Manufacturing Defects
    • Screen Protection
    • 60-day defect coverage for Grips, Pedals and Water Bottle Holders

    The Warranty Does Not Cover:

    • Normal “wear and tear” of any component
    • Improper maintenance or service by unauthorized or official trained CLMBR service personnel
    • Damage due to misuse, accidents or neglect
    • Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with CLMBR


    Have a service question? 

    Email Please be sure to include a photo or video of the behavior you are experiencing in this email, as this will help our technical support team provide you with the best course of action moving forward.

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  • CLMBR & Clyde - Extended Warranty Protection Plans

    CLMBR has partnered with Clyde to offer Extended Warranty Protection Plans that covers your machine in the case of mechanical or electrical breakdowns, including breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.


    Who is Clyde?  

    Clyde is an insurance technology company that has built a marketplace of top-rated insurers and administrators. Clyde enables CLMBR to offer our customers great product protection coverage.  We work closely with Clyde to manage our Protection Plan program. 


    1. What’s included in the Clyde Protection Plan?

    The Clyde Protection Plan covers:

    • Accidental damage from handling from the date of purchase
    • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns after the manufacturer's warranty expires
    • Repairs at no additional cost for approved claims. Reimbursement or replacement if product can't be repaired


    1. What is not included in the Clyde Protection Plan?

    The Clyde Protection Plan does not cover:

    • Cosmetic damage, like scratches or dents that do not impact your product's functionality
    • Damage from third-party assembly or third-party maintenance of your product
    • Loss or theft
    • Other exclusions apply see T&C’s


    1. How do I view the detailed terms and conditions of the Clyde Protection Plan before I buy it?

    You can view the detailed terms and conditions contract here


    1. When does the Clyde Protection Plan begin and end?

    Clyde Protection Plan begins when your product is delivered and ends 2 or 3 years from the start date, based on your selection.


    1. Do I qualify for Clyde Protection Plan options?

    The Clyde Protection Plan is available to you if all of the following are true:

    • You are a customer in the United States of America (excluding territories)
    • You purchased your product directly from our website
    • You have purchased your product within 60 days


    1. When are you ineligible to purchase a Clyde Protection Plan?
    • Customers cannot purchase a Protection Plan after a breakdown occurs
    • Customers cannot purchase a Protection Plan if there are fewer than 60 days remaining in the limited warranty period
    • You have purchased your product more than 60 days ago


    1. How do I purchase a Clyde Protection Plan?

    There are three ways to add a Clyde Protection Plan to your product:

    • From our website – You can choose the Clyde Protection Plan option at checkout when purchasing your product
    • Through the link in the post-purchase email within 60 days of purchasing your product – If you did not select the Clyde Protection Plan at the time of your product purchase, you will receive an email from CLMBR offering the option to add this protection. You can click the link in the email which will direct you to the Clyde website. When using the emailed link to purchase a Clyde Protection Plan, there is no need to create a Clyde account prior to purchase of the plan.
    • Directly from Clyde’s customer portal, – It will be necessary to create a Clyde account in order to purchase a plan this way. You must use the same email address that was used when purchasing your product from CLMBR when creating an account to link to your CLMBR sales order.


    1. How can I file a claim?

    To file a claim on, you have two options:

    1. By logging in to your account and selecting the corresponding product
    2. As a guest using the contract ID found on your welcome email


    1. Can I file multiple claims?

    Yes, you can file multiple claims using your Clyde Protection Plan during the course of the contract’s term. You are covered for multiple repairs up to the value of the original product purchase price. If your claim is approved for a full reimbursement or replacement product, then your contract is fulfilled. You will have the option to purchase a new protection plan for your replacement on


    1. Is there a deductible?

    There are no deductibles.


    1. Is the Clyde Protection Plan transferable?

    Yes, this Clyde Protection Plan may be transferred to any person in the United States. To initiate the transfer of a Clyde Protection Plan, contact Clyde at


    1. Does the Clyde Protection Plan provide coverage for theft or loss?

    No, this Clyde Protection Plan does not cover for loss or theft.


    1. Can the Clyde Protection Plan be canceled?

    Yes, plans may be canceled via contacting See terms and conditions for details.


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  • CLMBR Customer Care



    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday

    9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST

    (909) 330 - 3897

    Please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you asap!

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